Coyotes in the Pond Mills area

by A Reader
(London, Ontario, Canada)

After 11 p.m. my brother & I decided to take out our two Dobermans for a walk, early September.

We live in the Pond Mills area, London, where there are chunks of forest around our neighborhood.

It has been 2 years since we last took the dogs around this area for a walk at such a time, & since then the city has allowed nature to return around the specific path we follow.

While walking through & allowing our dogs to run freely, we heard sticks breaking to our right. We knew it wasn't our dogs because they running in front of us.

Suddenly we heard the sound of multiple Coyotes howling & another noise of an animal being attacked. We were alarmed & immediately backtracked and leased our dogs.

These noises were very close proximity to us, just over the rdge.

Thankfully our dogs did not take off on us, and the noises did not become louder to our location.

This is the first time we encountered such a thing in the area, although 2 years have passed since we visited this specific forest.

We have seen footprints before, but never heard howling before.

The area is in the city, 5 minutes away from houses & an elementary school.

We were really surprised & worried what could have actually happened.

We will be more careful from now on heading in that area, and won't be heading there that late.

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