Coyotes in the Fall

by Irene, Debbie and readers from around Ontario
(Sarnia, St Catharines, Lakefield, Ajax, North Oshawa, Ottawa)

Irene from Sarnia wrote to say ..... I was blowing leaves at approximately 10:50 am this morning when I became aware of a large group of crows swooping low and making a lot of noise. As I turned my head in the direction of the noise a Coyote ran right passed me - couldn't have been a foot away from me. The Coyote then gathered speed and disappeared down the bank. I live on the banks of Lake Huron.

Debbie recently wrote to say ..... I have seen Coyotes in my backyard on two occasions! I live in St Catharines and they came up the ravine and walked around the backyard and then went back down. We are concerned because we have a small dog.

A reader from Lakefield wrote to tell us ..... We live on the edge of the village of Lakefield near Peterborough, Ontario. Saw our first pair of Coyotes two years ago sunning themselves in the field behind our house during a February 2012 cold snap. We saw them again hunting for rabbits that spring, but this time they were about 100 feet from our house in the field. We did not see any coyotes through 2013. This year we have seen solitary animals hunting mice in the spring and closer to the house in the summer. We certainly have been hearing them over the last three years since we moved here. Sometimes off in the distance and other times they sound like they are just outside the window. It can be quite a sound waking us up in the middle of
the night. A few nights ago we were sitting out star-watching around 11:00 p.m. and heard them calling for around 5 minutes. The sound was in the distance in front of us. When they stopped another group started up from a distance behind us. Pretty cool. As for people complaining about missing cats, try keeping them indoors rather than wandering the neighbourhood killing birds and baby rabbits. Coyotes kind of level the playing field!

A reader from Ajax wrote to tell us ..... there have been several Coyotes sightings on Hills Rd, Preston Court & Clements in the morning, evenings and broad daylight around the time school gets out. Post signs do what you can to alert the public to keep their pets indoors.

A reader from North Oshawa wrote to say ..... I can hear Coyotes howling every night by Oshawa creek. One day my daughter and I came upon one on our neighbour's lawn, couldn't believe that they come into subdivisions with so many dogs around.

A reader from Ottawa wrote to say ..... I have seen one coming in and out of the corn fields in the experimental farm across Fisher Ave. There are cows and plenty of food for him, I wouldn't be surprised to see him again but a lot of little dogs are taken out daily which should be advised of his presence.

Dear readers - thank you for your submissions to our website, which you will see, I have combined into one page where other readers will be able to read them all.

Thank you for sending these to us!

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