Coyotes in the City

We have an important appeal to our readers in the Cambridge area - this email message was sent to us from someone very concerned about a family of Coyotes. Please read this message and post a reply if you know a way to help these animals. Thank you.

We are working on Bishop Street North, in the city of Cambridge, we have a whole pack of them right behind our building.

The mother looks very, very sick and the pups are running around in broad daylight and appear to have very little fear of humans.

People next door are feeding them which we don't feel is a good idea. We have called the city of Cambridge Animal Control, the Humane Society and a Wildlife number they gave us, but no one seems interested in trying to help this sick mother Coyote.

If anyone knows someone who will help, please let me know.

This is right in the city and we feel it is dangerous for them to be wandering on the road at their age.

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