Coyotes in South Ontario

by Barbe, Ivan & a reader from Thornhill
(Burlington, Mississauga, Thornhill)

Barbe from Burlington, Ontario, says ..... The first time I saw a Coyote was Autumn 2012 during a 6 a.m. walk with my black lab. It was on one side of Flemish Drive and I instinctively yelled at it, it trotted down a house side that backs on to a park. I was quite unnerved.

I have heard of lots of sightings since, by other people walking their dogs. Two weeks ago I turned a corner at Sutherland and Greg and there was one in the middle of the street. I froze, it froze and my dog (thankfully) was unaware sniffing a hedge. It turned and went up on a lawn.

The wildest was today January 1, 2013 when we were in our kitchen at 1 p.m. and out the living room windows was a large Coyote trotting down the middle of Auburn Crescent!!

I believe they have a right to co-exist. But I have heard stories of people on Laural feeding them on the Shore Acres creek. Last week I was told a lab was attacked in the Nelson park area by Coyotes.

If people are feeding them this is wrong, and if they are roaming the streets in daylight and acting aggressive this must be addressed by the City of Burington.

Ivan from Mississauga says he spotted a Coyote near Churchill Meadows..... Spotted a Coyote while walking my dog at 23:00 on October 2nd 2012 in Mississauga. The Coyote was on a playground at Intrepid and Skyview intersection and did not respond when I tried to scare it away. Also spotted a Coyote on the large empty field south of Eglington between Ninth Line and Ridgeway.

A Reader from Thornhill says ..... When I was walking in G.Ross Lord Park, I heard a Coyote howl.

Thank you all for telling us about your Coyote encounters!

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