Coyotes in Nepean on the Hydro Line at Hunt Club and Woodroffe

11:00 pm on the east side of the hydro line adjacent to my backyard.

There were four Coyotes - one near Woodroffe Avenue, one about 5 metres from my deck, two hunting in the field.

Coyote near the 4 lane road waited for traffic to minimize then ran across all lanes to the other side of the hydro line. Then he sat, turned back, watched the others and then nodded several times.

One of the field Coyotes ran across the road. The Coyote closest to my deck nodded back, tracked the remaining coyote in the field, then both ran across Woodroffe Ave.

The Coyotes are not nightly visitors but can be observed a few times a month.

There are frequently signs of a kill - rabbit fur/blood at recurring spots along the hydro line.

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