Coyotes in my Neighbourhood

by Ron
(London, Ontario)

One of our readers sent us this report of his Coyote sighting yesterday - I live in London, Ontario. I was coming home around midnight on Wednesday May 13 2010, and I thought I saw a small deer trying to cross Hyde Park Road, obviously out of the Sifton Bog.

I slowed down to let it cross safely and saw that it was not a deer and that it was a large Coyote.

It ran back and then turned and stared back at me. I thought I had better get moving because of other traffic and my wife was about a block behind me in her car. I didn't want her to get out of her car to see what my problem was.

My wife proceeded to do the same thing I did because the Coyote tried to cross the road again. This time it didn't stop and trotted right toward her car. She started moving again and it proceeded towards the condominiums on the East side of the road.

There are a lot of people with small dogs and small children in the area and a lot of children use the trails in the bog area. I am quite concerned about their safety and I have let the police and animal control know what I saw the other night.

I hope we don't have any problems, but I fear that there may be more than one of these animals and it is inevitable. Thanks for letting me put this information on your website.

Thank you for posting this, Ron, Coyotes are bold and have adapted well to humans encroaching on their territory, and actually often live in close proximity to humans, and I think your concerns about children and pets are valid.

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