Coyotes in Mississauga

by Fourteen of our readers
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Over the past two months we have received many reports of Coyote sightings in Mississauga, Ontario - you can read them below.


It is a daily occurrence to sight a Coyote in the complex just south of Thomas off Glen Erin. The Coyote appears to be hot and thin likely due to the hot weather. Unfortunately, the Coyote is roaming about the complex at all hours of the night and day and just walks down the middle of the street uninhibited by humans. Just watch out for small children and animals as the Coyote appears out of nowhere most days.

I do see coyotes from time to time here in downtown Mississauga but I just wanted to make a comment about people still not being aware of Coyotes. Sometimes I see people walking their dogs off leash and cats roaming in the early mornings in places where Coyotes are active. I tried to warn someone about them and they looked at me as if I was nuts. I just don't get it. I may have to post signs soon.

A Coyote attacked our dog this morning - just inside the woods at McLaughlin/Faith Drive. The dog broke free and the Coyote started to walk toward me but ran away when I threw a stick at it. This was July 11, 2016

Another reader reported seeing a Coyote ... I was out for a walk around 10:30 pm and just saw a coyote on Castlebridge near Glen Erin. It headed into Castlebridge Park. Seems like there's been a lot of sightings careful, especially with your pets.

One of our readers says that there should be warning signs ... I've seen them 7 times in O'Connor Park and once in Mississauga Meadowvale Rotary Park

One of our readers reported ... Walking up Termini Terrace about an hour ago and a Coyote was wandering up the sidewalk right in front of our house.

Coyote in Clarkson neighbourhood around 9 am

Two coyotes attacked my neighbor's dog (downtown Mississauga). We live one street east of Hurontario St south of Dundas. Our street backs onto a creek. I saw two of them 8:30 pm walking up the middle of our street. They do not fear humans. Also saw a sick one in July same area. Be careful with small dogs & cats.

Another Coyote sighting reported by one of our readers ... 8:45 am Coyote was seen going East to West on Meadow Wood Road near Green Glade. Animal Control were notified.

This is the third time now, that I've seen Coyotes in Applewood Hills park. The first, was sickly looking, seen mid morning. The other two sightings were in the evening, but clearly different animals. It seems they are traveling along the creek, but they have no issue with coming out around people to cross the bridge. I'm not sure if they would harm a fully grown adult, but if you're out walking with small children, or your dog, I'd be extra careful.

Went out for a bike ride with family late morning -11:30 am in Castlebridge Park. We saw a Coyote walking around fearlessly in the park. No fear of humans.

I was walking in Marie Curtis Park in early March with my dog when she noticed two Coyotes and started walking towards them. I then noticed two more Coyotes coming up from the lake and one more from the creek in total five of them. I picked up a large stick and started to yell so they left. I'm not worried about one or two, but FIVE is a pack on the hunt!

On July 29/2016 - Coyote sighting this morning at 7:10 am... came out of the woodlot backing onto Orr Rd ... into our yard, crossed Angela Crescent and went onto Wylan Court and then into a backyard probably heading into Sheridan Creek off Missenden. Animal Control was notified of the sighting.

I can across a Coyote on Monday 25th July. It came out of the Erin Mills Town Centre parking lot by Starbucks, crossed Glen Erin Drive right in front of me and across into Loblaw's parking lot. This was around 12.15 am, so be alert if you're out late in the area.


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Coyote on Credit River Trails
by: Anonymous

People during pandemic are getting out more to exercise on the trails. On February 09 2021 in the east side of Credit River, between 403 and Burnamthorpe Rd. trails 2 coyote were seen crossing the Red Trail. This happened around noon time. As said before no signs are posted to make people aware of the presence of these animals. On the Red Trail are posted several feeding stations that people love to bring food for birds and squirrels. This activity for sure is loved by the coyote.

Coyote seen in O'Conner park
by: Anonymous

My son and I entered O'Conner Park off the parking lot on Bala Dr. We walked on the path towards the children's playground. Maybe about 20 steps in a coyote came out of nowhere. I grabbed my son and told him to walk back to the car. The coyote just watched us leave. I was shocked to see a coyote at 3:00 in the afternoon. There definitely should be signs up as this park is highly populated.

Coyote on Hillcrest PS property
by: Anonymous

A Coyote sleeps on baseball field on Hillcrest Public School property. We back onto the school. He chases after squirrels and is super bold, not frightened by anything. People think we are crazy for warning them and everyone still lets their dogs run off leash on the school property. I won't let my dogs out in our yard without supervision and being on a leash.

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