Coyotes in March 2014

by Bob, Donald, Elizabeth
(Brantford, Whitby, Mississauga, Vaughan, Thousand Islands, Port Colbourne)

Southern Ontario Coyote

Southern Ontario Coyote

Bob from Brantford, Ontario wrote to say ..... I was in my shop one morning and Mocha (my Shepherd / Mix) was outside the door, so I thought. I heard some barking off in the distance, so I went out the door and around the corner and there she is running towards me with three Coyotes chasing her. When she got to me she turned and faced them and it was on again, but now she's chasing them. I called and called and after a few seconds she was back and they were gone. I know what would have happened if I wasn't there. We now keep a look out and don't leave her outside alone.

A reader from Whitby, Ontario told us ..... We live in Whitby (Brooklin) and we often hear them Yipping from our bedroom window at night. Such a creepy sound. In fact we heard them this evening (March 2014). Breeding season?

A reader from Mississauga says ..... Last Sunday a Coyote ran past me. It was just running down the street on Rathburn / Shipp a little after 5:00 am. I wanted to get the heck out of there as quickly as possible. I looked around to see if he / she had friends, but didn't see any. As long as they keep their distance we can share the streets.

One of our readers from the suburbs of Vaughan tells us ..... My house is on a ravine lot in Vaughan. I initially saw a deer which quickly ran away. I then spotted a Coyote followed by three more. They don't normally get this close
to the house. After a few moments the Coyotes went away. This occurred on he first day of spring just before sunset.

Donald Wolter had a Thousand Island Coyote sighting ..... I was crossing Hill Island between the two Thousand Islands Bridges, and this little guy started to dart across the highway and then turned around and ran back to the tree line when he saw me. I got a good look at him (OK, not that good, I can't say if it was a him or a her), but I can tell you that the animal was as large as a Wolf and was well filled out. I can only assume that it was healthy because it was big, solid, fast, and alert. I am glad I got a glimpse, but also glad it was smart enough to get out of my way. Good luck to you little Coyote!

Another reader says ..... Spotted at approx. 8:00 am March 25 2014, running through the grounds of Port Colborne waste water treatment plant off elm street, I'm not sure whether it was a Grey Fox or a small Coyote yearling.

Elizabeth, also from Port Colbourne, wrote to say ..... A coyote entered a residential area off Lakeshore Road, near Cement Road, Port Colborne, about a week ago. It curled up and had a nap in the backyard of the home. It has come back again today. To access the back yard, it has to enter from the street.

Thank you all for telling us about your Coyote encounters - we love hearing about them, and I know our readers will too!

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