Coyotes in Aurora

by Karen
(Aurora, Ontario, Canada)

This past weekend, January 19th to be exact, I went out to retrieve my barking dog from the backyard.

He was at the back of our lot, which backs onto Bloomington Road / Bayview Avenue, barking at the edge of the property which is enclosed by a chain-link fence.

When I got closer I noticed that on the other side of the fence, about 20 feet away, were two grey Coyotes feeding on a dead animal.

I had brought the leash for my dog to get him in, and so as I leashed him up, one of the Coyotes grabbed his meal and headed away from me.

The other Coyote stopped to stare at me for a couple of seconds and then followed his friend up the hill.

The whole incident seems quite surreal as it was 10:00 a.m.

We hear the Coyotes howling at night, and I have heard of neighbours seeing them in the day but never expected to see them myself.

I will certainly be more diligent about keeping out dog closer to the house, as we are on a big lot.

This must be near the Lake St George Conservation Area - there is likely food for them there, but you should still keep your eye on your pets!

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