Coyotes in Aurora

by Zoe
(Aurora, ON)

While walking my two labs last Sunday night around 10pm near Bayview and St John's Side Road, two Coyotes walked out in front of us about 20 feet ahead, and continued on ahead of us.

I was walking down a dead-end street that had a path through the hydro field that leads into a subdivision.

At first I had thought that the Coyotes were a couple of Foxes as they seemed small.

As I approached the path I could see them running around and playing together. They did not run away as I approached, but seemed to lay down in the grass, the street light reflecting their eyes looking straight at us.

Not wanting to test the situation further I turned around and walked back up the dead-end street to find another way home.

As I approached the next building my dogs picked up a scent. I walked in the street to give distance between myself and the bushes surrounding the building.

I then proceeded down a lit street that started with industrial buildings and again led into the same neighbourhood. As I started down the street a single Coyote crossed about 30 feet ahead.

Since it was well lit I continued down the street watching carefully until I was amongst the homes.

When I got home my husband didn't believe me that they lay waiting in the grass.

I know that there is a den on the golf course nearby, but this is the closest encounter I have had with them and I usually walk my dogs late in the evening.

Wow, you sure had a close encounter of the Coyote kind! Thank you so much for telling us about this!

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