Coyotes in Aldershot

by Beth Hunter
(Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

In my neighbourhood, we have had two cats and three dogs killed by Coyotes in the past 2 months.

They have been seen on the school grounds while the children were in school. One boy took a picture on his phone.

I have seen them late at night while driving home.

You know it isn't a dog because they have a great deal of stamina and have a different gait when they run.

An article appeared at the groomers where my basset gets her nails done, told of a dog walker exercising a 2 year old lab and the Coyote was nipping the hind leg of the dog.

Fortunately city workers turned a bobcat around and drove it at the Coyote, which looked at them as if to say mind your business but the Coyote turned and walked away.

My nephew-in-law runs and carries Pepper Spray because they are so prolific in his east Burlington neighbourhood.

Many of us have complained to City Hall that something needs to be done to keep everyone, including the Coyote safe.

I am hoping to have an informative and educational community meeting in the fall for the Aldershot community because people are frightened and want to know the best way to deal with the Coyotes. (I should mention that everyone walks in Aldershot, not just those with dogs.)

I am in touch with Coyote Watch, the Ministry of Natural Resources and others.

Can you shed some light on this current topic?

I would very much appreciate any help you can give to us.

Regards, Beth

Thanks for your update about what is going on in Aldershot, perhaps other readers will have more info.

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Experienced with Coyotes and the city staff
by: Anonymous

The dog attacks and pet killings are increasing around the GTA in the last few years, based on the number of news stories appearing each winter. Unfortunately the Coyote Watch people and the city aren't willing to recognize the damage that these attacks are causing and adopt the position that we should co exist with the predator canines and that action will only be taken when a human is bitten. The result of that is that the property owner has to take action themselves, following the Ministry of Natural Resources' guidelines, which if employed properly will result in the habituated attacking coywolf being neutralized. If your neighbourhood is threatened by the expansion of coywolves in the area, hire a trapper who will deal with them, assuming you can not discharge a firearm yourself in your municipality. If you can, I am sure you will be able to find coyote hunters who will come and do the job for you.

Coyote Hunt
by: Anonymous

We need to do a Coyote drive through Aldershot, the green areas, such as down in the valley, behind the grave yards. The conservation trails, a cull drive needs to be organized by the Ministry, and we will come in and try to thin them out , Denise Wiersma from Beamsville has a large Coyote hunting group that travels - because they will get worse, the Coyote families will get larger.

Coyote Sighting in Aldershot Birdland area
by: Anonymous

I saw a Coyote walking briskly down Teal Drive this morning at 7:00 am., as I was about to put my green box out to the curb. He continued down the street and appeared to head on to Cranston Court.

by: Anonymous

Hi Beth, Have you scheduled your event yet? I'm a 'Birdland' resident would like to attend.

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