Coyotes Everywhere

by Robert, Jenn, Ward M, Denise, Lynn, Kathryn
(Collingwood, Ottawa, Rockwood, Belleville, Bancroft, Lasalle, Niagara Falls )

Coyote Close Up

Coyote Close Up

Robert from Collingwood wrote to tell us ... I heard the coyotes at 7.00 am. this morning. They were crossing my backyard in a community of about 200 homes in Collingwood by the bay and a pond at the rear of my home. They were in a pack of three and appeared to be on a hunt.

One of our readers said ... at 8:30 in the morning, a light-coloured coyote leapt across our property heading uphill. We are located by a stream about a third of the way up the Niagara escarpment on a dirt road, a few minutes from Collingwood. We have heard coyotes at night, and seen them once before in daylight hours up at the top of the escarpment during a hike with our dog.

Another reader wrote ... It’s 1:11 a.m Saturday morning. I just looked out the window and saw a very large Coyote or Wolf by Billing’s Estate Museum, Ottawa. It was by itself.

Jenn from Rockwood said ... We noticed a group of wild Turkeys running quickly through the green space behind our yard yesterday morning, around 7 am. Not far behind was a single Coyote chasing after them. I often worry about how close they will get to our yard, as we have dogs.

Ward R wrote to say ... A large coyote was observed at around 16:00 hrs on the south lawn of Albert College and Dundas St. (Old Highway 2) in Belleville on April 9th. It was wandering into the busy road for a few seconds stopping traffic. The coyote was large, but not as heavy set as one would expect of a Coy-wolf. At last sighting, the animal, which was beautiful, had wandered back onto the Albert College lawn again, obviously confused by the amount of traffic and activity.

Denise from Bancroft reported ... We believe we had a large adult Coyote visit us on our rural property near l’amable Ontario (just south and east of Bancroft) this past weekend. About eight am we saw a large Coyote walk down toward Egan Creek, through the woods along the west edge of our property. It disappeared down the hill to the water and we did not see it again. Later in the afternoon we observed a very young fawn stashed under a tree stump. We wondered if perhaps the coyote had some inclination that fawn was about since we have not encountered a Coyote before on our property, but we do hear them at night often. We haven’t seen a young fawn on the property before either, so it seemed like the two things were connected.

Lynn from Lasalle wrote ... Outside with my dog on property backing onto bush off Reaume Road Lasalle. Initially I thought my dog was chasing a rabbit, but it was three Coyotes chasing after my dog (Leonberger) two came into the clearing, the third remained in brush, only coming to the edge of clearing. Only screaming halted the chase, they made no sound at all, stopped and watched me then walked back into bush, I was totally spooked!

Kathryn from Niagara Falls wrote to tell us ... We've seen one coyote travelling through our neighbourhood. It usually appears between 3:00 am and 7:30 am. This is the first year in 5 we have seen it. It travels from the cemetery to the first house near the church yard then their neighbours yard then ours. When finished it goes between our houses and into the park or back through the yards the way it came. I live in Niagara Falls and this is the first time I have seen one this close to our home.

Thank you all for sending us your Coyote sighting information - I'm sure our readers will find this interesting. I will also post this on our facebook page.

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Coyotes in Markham
by: JoN and Satya Loce

Today, January 15, we saw a pack of six large coyotes crossing Elgin Mills Road just west of Ninth line. It looked like maybe an adult pair with six sibling young ones. There was one who stayed behind to carefully watch, perhaps to ensure the safety of the group. Their coats were long and tails fluffy, adapted to the cold Ontario winter. We were grateful for their appearance and appreciative of their grace and beauty.

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