Coyotes DO attack people and are getting bolder

by Linda
(Oxford County, Ontario, Canada)

Ten years ago we frequently saw Coyotes on our farm.

They would flee immediately upon sight or sound from our house.

Over the years they have significantly increased in size and I've been advised their DNA shows they are now Wolf-Coyote hybrids.

Regardless, they've evolved and it's a problem

Twice they grabbed my Jack Russell Terrier and tried to cart him off only to be stopped by one of our very large dogs.

They frequently are in a pack of 3 - 5 and I've personally had them approach me from all angles.

Had my dogs not arrived I have no doubt I would have suffered injury.

One had bitten our neighbor in the calf as he walked out of his barn carrying a turkey.

Our neighbors witnessed a lone Coyote lure his Doberman to the forest where it was brutally attacked by five Coyotes.

My neighbor witnessed the tail end of this attack and fired a gun dispersing the pack. The dog did not survive.

They've come into our yard, watching and observing our whole family.

There are so many that hunters advised us they killed 54 behind our property in one month! This didn't seem to reduce the visible population since we continued to see them and have further encounters.

Electric fence doesn't work. They eventually become desensitized to other tactics as well.

Ten years ago I felt very strongly about protecting them. They changed and so have my feelings towards them.

They DO attack people and have even killed people. I don't understand why their behavior is being downplayed.

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Coyotes do attack
by: Lisa

They do attack people. Google Coyote attacks in Ontario. There are several pages of news stories and accounts of Coyote attacks some causing death.

The biggest problem I see (personal opinion) is that we have pushed them into urban areas and they are hungry. They have adapted and therefore are no longer leerly of humans and will hunt whatever they see as a meal.

As much as I care for all wild life, we can not reverse what man has already done. They have to be removed from urban areas.

It will only be a matter of time before you personally hear of a small child in your area attacked, and then it is to late!

Our government and ministry NEEDS to step in and do somthing about this growing problem.

It is not going away but only growing into a larger more dangerous out of control problem.

One Attack
by: Vicki

There has only been one documented death due to coyotes. They do not attack people!

It is true that healthy Coyotes are not known for attacking adult humans, but a sick Coyote may be tempted to attack a small child, as they do attack cats and even adult dogs - we should all be cautious, but not scared!

Scary but true!!
by: Wendy Staranchuk

Informative story!! I had no idea Coyotes would attack humans, although I do recall the story of musician Taylor Mitchell being attacked & killed by two Coyotes while hiking in the Cape Breton Highlands.

That story was even downplayed. They said the odds were very low of a Coyote attack.

Thank you for sharing your story & bringing this to our attention!

The first four words in your comment title ..... "Coyotes DO attack people" certainly caught my eye!!

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