Coyotes at Trent University

by Chris
(Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

I work at Trent University whose main campus is just outside of Peterborough, Ontario, and often leave campus between 8 pm and 11 pm on weeknights.

On two nights in the past two weeks (early December, 2010), I have heard the distinctive yipping of a group of Coyotes very close to the parking lot where I leave my car each day.

Tonight, I was able to actually see the Coyotes, with a group lounging around in a small field right next to the parking lot. At least 4 Coyotes were visible by my car's headlights, and I believe there was at least one and possibly two more that I could spot by the shining eyes just inside the treeline.

It was pretty interesting to see a group of the animals that close to campus, and they seemed to be not bothered whatsoever by my car's presence.

I will confess that it was a little eerie to be close enough that I could see their eyes blinking in the glare of my headlights.

Thank you so much for this report of your sighting, I'm sure our readers will enjoy reading about your encounter!

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