Coyotes around Southern Ontario

by Jim, Paul, James, Cynthia
(Calmachie, Collingwood, Cambridge)

Jim, one of our readers from Calmachie, Ontario, wrote to say ..... On Thursday January 1st, 2015 at about 6:45 p.m. While travelling along Michigan Line near the corner of Camlachie Road, just south of the hamlet of Camlachie, my wife and I spotted something large at the edge of the road heading into a field. We stopped and turned our car into a driveway leading to the field. To our surprise, we spotted not one but five Coyotes, and possibly a sixth, in the distance. They all stopped and looked, than gradually moved on. Nice to see nature alive and well, but must be more careful with our cats.

Paul from Collingwood wrote to say ..... This afternoon, December 31st 2014, my girlfriend and I saw a Coyote or potentially a Coywolf slinking down a country road. We drove up on her slowly but she saw us and took off into the forest. We got out of the car to have a closer look and saw her dart through the trees. She had a black tip on her tail and was about the size of big German Shepherd. I initially thought she was a Coyote but after looking up the Coywolf, we think she could be that. She was quite grey and seemed to have a very thick coat. We saw her at around 12:00 pm just outside of Collingwood, Ontario.

James Mason from Cambridge, Ontario, tells us ..... About 2 - 3 years ago I used to hear the sounds of Coyotes in the night, haunting small suburban areas in Eastside Galt, Cambridge, Ontario. I would hear stories of friends of mine encountering large groups of these animals lingering in the streets. They would have to take different routes home due to the amount of Coyotes
seizing the area. As of late I have had two encounters with lone Coyotes early morning at approximately 6:30. On my way to work on two separate occasions, a Coyote has run across the road right in front of me getting to the other side and fleeing into a dark unlit paved path behind a small group of houses. The Coyotes around Cambridge have even begun attacking and killing small dogs in people's backyards. They hop fences or lure the animals closer by using their scent. It's sad to hear about dogs being murdered, but it is also sad that the Coyotes are only here because we are destroying their homes elsewhere.

Cynthia Brown recently wrote to say ..... I just got back from walking the dog tonight. I saw a lone Coyote about a block from the gully behind Glenview High School (Churchill Park) in Cambridge, Ontario. It's garbage night so he was probably checking out the bins. He stopped when he saw us and I shone my little flashlight at him. He was about 30 yards away. Then he went behind the house and out of sight. Pretty cool to see one and on my birthday too!

Thank you for sending us this information, which I am sharing with our readers - I know they will find it as educational and informative as I did!

Much as I enjoy and appreciate wildlife, I do know that in some areas Coyotes are becoming a serious problem, and with this in mind I am publishing the following from another of our readers .....

Hi, I am a Cambridge local and an avid hunter and I would be willing to help anyone with Coyote problems, free. I hunt in a safe and humane way. You can email me at

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