Coyotes around Niagara Falls Golf Course

by Doug
(Niagara Falls, ON)

In the past 3 weeks we have heard and seen Coyotes in the fields around the Niagara Falls Golf Course.

This past Saturday morning (December 3rd 2011) what appeared to be a male and female came right up behind the house.

I made a lot of noise and clapped my hands but the were nonplussed and just looked at me like I was being stupid.

The female went into the longer grass next to the house and promptly caught a mouse for a snack.

The male patrolled along the edge of the field.

The neighbour across the road said he saw them too, along with 5 others roaming around in the vicinity at the same time.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Coyote situation in Niagara Falls.

People who are walking in that area with their small dogs, need to be reminded to keep them on a leash.

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