Coyotes are everywhere

by Gord
(Georgian Bluff, Ontario)

When I was living in Napanee and Georgian Bluff Ontario, I have had numerous encounters with Coyotes.

In Napanee when walking / running my dogs; I have had my dogs push a Coyote out of a small green space to an open field on the other side.

When the Coyote noticed me it picked up it's pace and headed over a back hill.

Another occasion while running the dogs at close to dark with snow on the ground, they left on their normal route along a dirt track which I walk behind them, as this run is the best way to tire them out.

I counted the first dark shadow coming back then the second with a third in pursuit. I said to my wife who was along with me, that I believe the dogs have a Coyote with them.

No sooner had the words escaped my lips and the Coyote made a hard left turn and headed off to a farm field.

This past weekend March 5th, 2011, while enjoying breakfast with my wife, we noticed a Coyote peek over the slope from across the road. We watched to see what this Coyote was going to do, slowly coming to the edge of the road then crossing to a small treed lot next to the house.

It made its way near to the compost pile we have, then travelled back to the fence line slowly making its way back to the front yard standing about 8 feet from the front window sniffing around then proceeding back across the road the way it had come.

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