Coyotes across the area

by Katherine Reid & Dave
(Niagara-on-the-Lake, St Catharines, Oakville)

Katherine tells us ..... I saw a small Coyote walk across the front yard last night (Sept 9, 2013) when I came home from working at a Lion's Club event around 10 pm. I stayed in the car until he went to the neighbour's yard. I live in the back lower apartment. Wish I had taken a photo.

A reader from St Catharines says ..... March 27, 2013 I saw a Coyote running down my street twice on Leaside drive. My daughter ran out and it took off like a shot!

Dave says ..... May 21st 2013, my wife and I were driving home about 9:15 pm and saw a Coyote on the Kortright Road boulevard just east of Rickson Road. It looked to be mostly shades of grey with a little light tan on the rear legs. We only saw the one and it seemed to be nervous looking at us and another car approaching from the opposite direction. As we slowed down and passed, it turned and ran into the field south of Kortright Rd.

Another reader says ..... I'm in downtown Oakville and heard lots of Coyote howling last night. I'm not sure which direction it was coming from but it was loud and clear!

Thank you all for telling us about your Coyote experiences!

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