Coyotes across Ontario

by Lisa, Leon, Moira
(Brampton West, Oakville, Niagara Falls, Barrie, Brampton, London)

Lisa H from Brampton West wrote to tell us ..... Monday, February 3, 2014 at 8:45 pm - Coyote walking on the side walk in front of my house! I was heading out to my car and jumped! Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a picture. It was a lot bigger than I thought! Be careful! Location: Bovaird & Ashby Field across the road from the Georgetown GO Station.

Leon Bloemetje of Oakville wrote to say ..... On Sunday morning 9 February 2014, at 7.12 am, a Coyote was spotted walking northbound on the trail (Proudfoot and Westoak Trails).

A reader tells us ..... February 4 14 1.30pm within sight of Niagara Falls, driving west on Chippewa Parkway along the Welland River, on the south bank across from the small boat ramp. I saw four Coyotes on a soy bean field, three were the same color all females, one larger very dark in color male, he joined with the three and started to mate with two of them

Another reader from Barrie, Ontario, wrote to say ..... Posting this live from my phone: Snowmobile trails are pretty popular here. Dense forest, a lot of wide open space. A friend and I ventured into the bush. Pretty deep. Far enough away to avoid human contact. As the sun set we began to hear it. Its 1:00 am and I still hear them now. They all cry out at once. It must be anywhere between 6 - 8 of them. We are well hidden enough. It's unlikely they will sniff us out in this weather. Their howls are terrifying regardless.
Just a word of warning to anyone who might think it's a good idea to go camping near home...
Careful, you're not the only ones out there.

A reader from Brampton told us ..... Saw 3 coyotes in December 2013 and once more in January 2014 crossing Hwy 10.

Moira from London, Ontario, wrote to tell us about her Coyote sighting ..... Driving along Richmond Street heading into Dorchester around 4:45 pm I saw a beautiful big Coyote running across an open snow covered field.

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