Coyote Spotting across the area

by Annette, Karen H, NJT, Kevin, Wes, Mike, Rod Case, N Mosley
(Stoney Creek, Delhi, Kitchener, Cambridge, London, Toronto, Lakeshore, Peterborough, North York)

One of our readers said ..... Early January 2015. It was typical day for me, leaving for work at about 8:00 a.m. I was coming across to Franklin Boulevard from Coppersfield (closer to Myers Road) when I noticed something running towards my car. At first I thought it was a Wolf. It was running up Franklin towards Myers Road but I think the traffic might have made it confused as it crossed the road and started running down towards my car, stopping all current traffic on this road. It then proceeded to run up Coppersfield Road and into one of the other side streets. They really are beautiful creatures but I do feel bad for them. I think most of the time they get confused and that it why they come to close into town. I wanted to keep an eye out for the little guy but I otherwise proceeded to go to work. Of course, as I live near the area, I called home and made sure my parents were aware of the Coyote in the area. I never saw any Coyotes in the area ever since this particular time.

A reader from Fifty Point, Stoney Creek said ..... We regularly see a few coyotes trotting across the lake front early dawn or dust during the winter months.

Annette from Delhi, Norfolk County told us .....I saw two coyotes running in a field during the night - we were alerted by dog barking. Since have heard them and occasionally when taking dog out at night, he appears spooked - something out there but he is always on leash.

Karen H siad ..... Pack howling like they have gone mad. We back onto a greenbelt and creek that runs through the Doon Pioneer Park area of Kitchener. We have TONS of wildlife living back there including deer, rabbits, squirrels (of course) lots of variety of birds, even an owl now. Its awesome. Almost every night (in February and now into March 2015) we have been woken up by super eerie yelping and howling of what sounds like a whole pack of large adult Coyotes and even maybe some whimpering young ones. They sound close but we cant see them. They sound like they are fighting. It sounds like chaos and I feel really nervous and fascinated at the same time. They do sound angry and crazy, like they are insane or something. It usually stops abruptly as though they run off together or are startled into silence. So wild. Does anyone know what could be happening. Has anyone else heard these beautiful but frightening animals? I wish I had a photo to share.

S Thomson from Cambridge wrote ..... I'm dealing with 2 large Coyotes in our yard at all times of the day. They are big healthy and fast. We are keeping our dogs inside unless we go out with them. We are rural, just outside the city of Cambridge, in North Dumfries. They are bold and coming close to our homes. The homes do not have a fenced yard in our area. We have a high population of deer, turkeys and birds/squirrels. We are near the grand River. I have been blowing a whistle when I see them, but they return. I need them killed.

NJT from Kitchener said I routinely head out into the bush near Petersburg bush (Now home to a KW cycling club/hiking club). Been going there for almost 2 decades to watch and listen to the Coyotes. They're often seen and heard along the Hydro towers and gravel pits, beyond the Agreement Forest. Spring is a excellent time to go out and hear them howl and yip. I've never once had a threatening encounter. Wonderful animals to enjoy here in SW Ontario.

Another reader wrote ..... Sighting March 22, 2015 - 9 Commissioners Rd E. London, Ontario, around 6:15 am, I didn't want to approach Coyote from the ravine. It tried to follow me but I went to other side of the road and waited about five minutes. Then it was gone. I thought that it could be aggressive. Just let you know.

Kevin M from Brampton told us about his Coyote sighting ..... While returning home at approximately 11:00 in the evening on March 21st I encountered a full grown Coyote. I was exiting my vehicle in my driveway and as I was coming around the back of my car towards the street I could hear the nail clicks of what sounded like a dog but lo and behold it was a Coyote trotting down the centre of the well-lit street. He didn't pay any heed to my presence and I watched him trot all the way to the end of the street and hang a right. This was in the area of McClaughlin and Sandalwood.

Wes from Toronto wrote to say ..... Saw a gray, fox-like animal (pretty sure it's a Coyote) south of Birchmount Rd. and Highway 7 in Markham at around 9 pm on April 25, 2015. We spotted it behind the Bed, Bath & Beyond and LCBO; there is a ravine area there (among the construction) and it used to be a huge swath of undeveloped land. Now they are making it Downtown Markham and I'm guessing its home will be gone soon. My girlfriend and I spotted it as we turned onto Birchmount, heading south. It was heading away from the buildings toward the trees and were quite surprised when we saw it. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures.

Mike from Lakeshore told us ..... Walking the rail tracks between West Pike Creek Road and Manning Road in Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Ontario, area on April 17, 2015. I was out for a walk on the grass berm that runs parallel to the VIA tracks between West Pike Creek Road and Manning road in Tecumseh. I saw a single Coyote walking by the tracks along the tree line. I noticed her and she noticed me. I kept close watch where she was but went on my way with no problems. It was a little nerve wracking as it was about 2 pm on a sunny day. I've only known them to be active at night. Neighbors have seen 1 or 2 as well so not sure if its a couple that are used to humans and getting braver around us or if the pack is growing.

Rod Case from Peterborough, Ontario, wrote to say ..... We walk our dog daily the the trails at Trent University. Today April 13th 2015, around 12:30 we walked up on a large Coyote in one of the duck ponds. It took off up the trail and we thought it was gone. About 15 minutes later we spotted it just ahead of us on a different trail. Thought it might be a Wolf because of the size, but after looking at some images it was definitely a Coyote.

N Mosley from North York wrote to tell us ..... York University, North York, Ontario. On the morning of April 2nd, at around 4:00 am, I was out for a night-bird to try to take photos of an elusive bird (American Woodcock) which has been making his call frequently in a ravine on the edge of my suburb. I had ventured down into the ravine, past the swampy perimeter and through the dense weeds and bushes to try to get an eye on this particular bird. Here I waited and listened for some time. Upon retreating to the street-side I walked along the ravines edge further up the street. When I turned around to walk back I saw a dark creature emerge from the very spot where I had been in the ravine. It was evidently a canine of some sort, slender, with erect triangular ears, and a long bushy tail. I hurriedly snapped off a couple shots before it saw me and fled back to the darkness of the woods. Upon uploading the photos to my computer I examined and compared the shots with images of coyotes and I was excited to discover that I had seen a Coyote after all.

Than you all for writing to tell us about your Coyote sightings in Southern Ontario - I know our readers will enjoy them as much as I have!

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