Coyote spotted

by J.R., J Chapman, Biff, Hania, Gale
(Ajax, St Catharines, Burlington, Halton Hills, Mount Albert, Grimsby)

Ontario Coyote

Ontario Coyote

Coming back from work, approximately around 4:30 am, a coyote crossed the road in front of my car forcing me to brake. The coyote didn't seem scared and crossed without hurry, allowing me to take a good look at him/her (not sure the gender). It was coloured light grey and was the size of a medium German Shepherd. It happened on Audley Rd (Ajax, Ontario) right in front of Audley Recreation Center. The Coyote then vanished in the vegetation surrounding a small park near the houses in the area.

J Chapman from St Catharines wrote to report ... We back onto Lake Ontario and farmland so we see coyotes and hear them at night as a pack hunting. Seen daily one, or two together. We keep our cocker spaniel away from them for fear of him being preyed upon. Uncomfortable, as I know they hunt in packs. In winter I see them out as late as 10 am. Usually only dusk and dawn.

Biff from Burlington said ... They are often seen in the ravine along Nelson Park. A lot of people are in fear after one woman's Bijon was attacked and carried off by a coyote (she told me of the traumatic experience herself). The dog was trailing only 10 ft behind his owner, in wide open space! Another dog, a Ridgeback, was bit on the back leg when running along the ravine. And back in 2016 my sister was walking our family's 3 dogs and was followed by several coyotes (they were about 50 feet behind her all the way). A really scary event!

Hania Ornstein from Halton Hills said ... I live on a 10 acre property on Regional Road 25 in South Halton Hills, just south of 10 Side Road. Our property is surrounded on three sides by Glencairn Golf Club. One evening (January 2 2018 at approx. 10 pm) my two dogs went crazy in the sunroom. When I went to see what all the commotion was about, I noticed approximately ten or more animals running together in the same direction across our back field. There was a full moon, and the snow made it very easy to see that they were large and "dog-like" and running very quickly through the snow and together as a pack. I cannot imagine them being anything other than a pack of coyotes. Wolves do not live in our area. Has anyone else in this area reported such a sighting? I have never been concerned about my dogs - they are large Shiloh Shepherds well over 100 lbs. However, would a pack of coyotes attack them?

A reader from Mount Albert said ... I've been hearing howling and screaming the last few nights behind my house on King St east in Mt. Albert Ontario. This morning was the first time during the day and tonight heard them howling and shortly after seen two large Coyotes or Wolves in my backyard at 9 pm walking towards the Pond. A short time later I heard screaming and howling again maybe feeding the family? Keeping the dog out of the backyard now that I have seen them close to the house.

Gale Fenton from Grimsby said ... Two adult nice looking coyotes in my backyard February 15 2018 at 6:30 am.

Thank you all for sending us this info about your Coyote sightings.

Hania, I would also be worried about the Coyotes attacking my dog, even if it was a big dog.

Yes, our reader from Mt Albert - the Coyotes were probably feeding their family, and that was the noise you could hear.

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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5 o'clock Coyotes
by: Arnold

I just spotted 2 coyotes crossing the ice north of me in the conservation area heading toward me. I lost sight of them going through the bull rushes.

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