Coyote spotted in London - Oakridge

One of our readers in London sent us this report - Last week my neighbour was taking her kids to school and was in her driveway when she heard something growling from our backyard. At first she wondered if we had acquired a new dog - as we have 2 already.

When she returned from dropping her kids off at school, the animal was still there and she took a closer look and realized that it wasn't a dog. She went inside and Googled images to be sure - it was a Coyote.

I am not too concerned about my dogs because one is 65 lbs and the other 120lbs - and I know they can defend themselves quite effectively. But my cat stays in more now and my daughter never goes outside alone.

I have heard that Coyotes have adapted to Urban life, but this is pretty close to thousands of people in London. I think you are cautious to keep your daughter and cat inside, unless you are going to out in the yard with them

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