Coyote sightings Southampton Ontario

There have been sightings within the past 2 days of a Coyote, a Fox & two Wolves near the bridge in Southampton, Ontario.

Yesterday the neighbours spotted a Coyote about 7:00 am and a Fox in the same area at 7:40 am.

Both sightings were in a residential area, and they were just wandering around.

Some of our neighbours have seen Coyotes actually running down our street in broad daylight and also at night.

This has been going on for a couple of years.

A lot of people are carrying sticks while walking their dogs. I take in little dogs for people who want to get away & don`t want to leave their pets in kennels.

I am very nervous while walking these little dogs, especially at night. I fear for the little dog (in my care.)

I even Googled how to protect us from any attacks.

I read where people should carry umbrellas & if we feel threatened to open up the umbrella, hoping it will startle and scare the wild animal away.

It`s awful to think we have to be afraid to take our dogs for a walk.

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Wolf Siting
by: Anonymous

I saw a Wolf on Road 13 Wednesday morning, June 2022

Wolf Sighting Today
by: Anonymous

I saw a wolf walking along the same road as the lighthouse along the lake around 3 p.m. this Sunday afternoon, Nov. 6.

I stopped my car and took a picture of it through the window. I thought at first that it was a coyote, but as I came upon it, I knew immediately that it was a wolf.

It looked like quite a good sized one and quite a scrapper, had only one eye, the other one was a giant scar, had tufts of fur coming out of the hind quarters and around the neck, bent it's head looking at me out of it's eyes, my dog in the front seat was growling like crazy.

Scared me because I have ridden my bike along that road many times.

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