Coyote Sightings around Ontario

by Various readers

A reader recently wrote to tell us ... We could hear the howls at about 9:00 in the evening. They sounded really close. My husband went to the back of the yard and took his binoculars. There were two coyotes 50 ft away. One ran into the woods and the other started coming closer, so my husband ran back into the house.

Pete sent us this report of his sighting ... I was sitting on a bench at the small lighthouse (for lifeguards) near Kew Gardens in the Toronto "Beaches" district at about 3:30 am on Friday June 1st. I was reading the Twitter feed on my phone when I looked up, and what I thought was a very large fox trotted by and completely ignored me.

Lisa from Stoney Creek said ... I was coming home from work on Saturday May 26 at around 5am and saw five coyotes walking along hwy 56 in Binbrook heading towards Upper Centennial Parkway, they were 2 feet from the truck.

Another reader is being kept awake ... Just now as I was trying to go to bed, I was awoken by the yapping and howling of at least 3 or 4 Coyotes outside. They live near the pond near the back of our farm and always make a ruckus at about 11 pm every night!

Rita, from Windsor, Ontario, says ... We have Coyotes in Windsor! I think they live in Malden and Ojibway parks. Foxes too! Not uncommon around here.

Vicki from Kitchener had an encounter with a Coyote ... Last night my teenage son and I were coming home around midnight and we spotted what we believe was a coyote running straight down the center of the Bradley Ave in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener. It zig-zagged it's way through several streets (we followed in the car) running the entire time until we lost sight of it when it left the road and cut through a green space behind St. Daniel's School and Church. It was amazing to see this animal running the way it was. Fast yet calm.

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