Coyote Sightings across Southern Ontario

by Linda, Kat, Larry W, several of our readers
(Stevensville, Richmond Hill, Milton, Burlington, Doon, )

Several of our readers from across Southern Ontario, have written to tell us about their Coyote sightings.

Linda from Stevensville, Ontario, wrote to tell us of her encounter ..... It was 150 feet away, following Black Creek edge of water. Solitary, looked directly at us, paused and walked along the waterway for 100 more feet then disappeared into bush, the time of day was 12:30 pm, mid day! A beautiful sighting.

A reader from Richmond Hill, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... At 6:45 am on Sunday, October 6, 2013, I was taking my morning jog around the small pond in the woods behind Mill Pond Park and swan Home Tweet Home house. A very large, gorgeous Coyote trotted out from the woods along the trail, jogged along a bit, then turned back into the woods.

In October, Kat from Milton, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... At approx 9:30 pm I spotted what I thought was a large dog on the side walk. I whistled to get its attention and a Coyote looked up and came running towards me. I made even louder noises and he stopped then scattered down the street. What a beautiful sight, and yes fall is here as everyone including our surrounding animals are preparing for winter.

A reader wrote to tell us of his Coyote encounter ..... Today we met Bluffers Coyote at 2_00 pm. He stood upon the ledge of a steep cliff staring down at us for
the longest time. What a beautiful fellow, almost Snow White, he did not seem afraid of us, more curious.

A reader in Burlington, Ontario, wrote to tell us ..... I live in south Burlington, Ontario, near Appleby Line & Fairview, just off of Longmoor Drive. On November 25, 2013 at approx 11:15 pm a Coyote jumped my 4 foot fence to chase my shi poo - luckly I scared it and it retreated over the fence again.

Larry Wright wrote to tell us ..... Saw a coyote crossing road on Doon Village road this morning at about 6:25 am, between the two single lane bridges near Doon South. Not much to say - it just crossed the road, like it was on a mission to get home or something. There are a few properties that have some fowl in that area, so that may be what is attracting them.

One of our readers wrote to ask ..... A little Coyote keeps coming to our apple tree eating apples off the ground. I have chased it away several times. Last seen at about 3:45 in afternoon? Is this normal behaviour?

Thank you all so much for sending us these reports of your Coyote sightings.

I know our readers will find them interesting, and I hope someone will know whether apple eating is normal Coyote behaviour - I think it may be normal, as Coyotes are omnivores and opportunistic feeders, so if apples are available, they will eat them.

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