Coyote sightings across Ontario

by Jody, Ann, Jolene, Connie, Cheryl, Scott, Beverley, Mark, Matthew, Colleen, David
(Windsor, Caledon, Hill Island, Pickering, Hamilton, Blair, Kawartha Lakes, Brampton, Belleville, St Catharines, Burlington, Gravenhurst, London, Milton, Markham, Toronto)

Jody from Windsor wrote to say ... I have train tracks behind my house and a small wooded area. The Coyotes are sometimes quite loud and it sounds like there are a lot of them but it must be a family. As soon as my dogs start barking/howling back at them, they become silent. It's like they're scared of my dogs. I just wish I could see them. They're so cute!! Love having them around and have never bothered me or my dogs in the 10+ years I've lived in this house.

Ann Ralston, from Caledon, Ontario says ...The Coyotes have been active in the northeast section of Caledon, border to Palgrave over the last several years. Most recently they have been very active on our property. The finally took out our beloved Tiger Cat who we had for 13 years. A Coyote came right up onto the patio of our home around 10:00 pm on Tuesday July 28th and took Tiger to his death. I have noticed that several other cats have gone missing from similar properties around the same time. There are missing cat flyers posted everywhere around Caledon. Something needs to be done. They are too close to humans and they are not to be trusted. It is only a matter of time before they kill off all the geese and other animals.

Another reader reported ... August 5, 2015, A red Coyote spotted, Hill island, Ontario at Skydeck - US Border, about 7:30 pm, saw a single animal cross the road near the Skydeck on the US-Canadian border of Hill Island, Ontario. Animal appeared very healthy and curious. Reddish/Brown coat, very full tail with short, rounded ears. I would guess a young, mature animal working the woods within the National Park. Spotted two fawns and mother doe earlier in the week in the same spot, along with many other healthy deer in this herd & area - prey is plentiful here!

Jolene spotted two coyotes ...I live in Pickering, Ontario 30 minutes outside of Toronto, so it's a very urban general area. I was walking my Yorkshire Terrier dog around 10 pm in a dog walking park. I had headphones in and was looking down at my phone. There were dim lights lighting up the park and where I faintly heard my dog bark under his breath. I looked to my left and saw two dog-like figures stand there across the field. Beige-tan fur and they looked big. My heart sank into my stomach and stared at them for 5 seconds. I knew instantly they were Coyotes. I have never in my 19 years living have I seen a Coyote, let alone 2 of them. I picked up my dog and without even thinking I started to yell random things and walked really fast back onto the street lights. I looked back and saw the Coyotes sniffing out the area where I had been standing. Ever since that night, I bought my dog a flashing dog light to clip on his collar and stay in areas where there are tons of cars driving around to walk my dog.

Another reader from Hamilton wrote to tell us ... It was Wednesday July 29, 2015 at 7:30 PM at the Eramosa Karst Conservation Park in Hamilton, Ontario. My friend and I went off the trail, 5 minutes into the entrance trail from the main entrance, into the thick bush about 10 meters. A Coyote was standing about 40-50 meters away from us. We maintained eye contact with the Coyote and kept talking to each other. It kept staring at us, which surprised us as we thought it would go away quickly. We continued to maintain eye contact and then it slowly made its way off, all the while maintaining eye contact and moving its head between the two of us. We left the area shortly, a little spooked.

One of our readers said ... I saw a pair of Coyotes this morning around 10 am in the R.A.R.E Nature Reserve in Blair, Ontario. I was on the Maple Lane trail which begins on Langdon Road. I was about half way down around the trail loop when I spotted them happily walking down the middle of the trail. Wonderful creatures.

A reader from the City of Kawartha Lakes ... You have said that Coyotes do not live in packs. I live on a farm in rural Ontario near the small village of Bethany. We hear the Coyotes nearly every night at around 9 -10:30 pm. This morning they were howling at dawn around 5 am. We have heard them call out to each other and I would estimate there is between 8 and 10 coyotes in the group. In the evening you can hear the howls of the adults and the yipping noise of the pups.

Connie from Brampton wrote to report ... I met an aggressive young Coyote this morning. It followed the dog and me up from the Etobicoke Creek path behind the Brampton Legion into the park. It's mouth stayed open in a continuous snarl with its hackles up from ears to tail. It would not back off, even as I shouted and waved my arms, with our black lab easily 3X its weight and girth. Our dog slipped her collar and charged the Coyote a couple of times, but it came right back. It sat down and called out for its family group, but none them emerged from the bush. I backed us out to the road, talking
with the 911 dispatcher. When the police arrived the Coyote had followed us all the way to the road and was watching us all from the bush. Have called animal control. This is one unsafe animal.

Cheryl from Belleville, Ontario, wrote to say ..... We frequently hear coyotes howling in the swampy area behind our home, but this past weekend one ventured into our front yard at 2 am and caused quite a stir. Our children were visiting and had their Morkie puppy with them. We think the Coyote could smell the puppy in the bedroom on the second story of our home. The coyote growled and howled right outside the window and the puppy went into "full protect mode". Needless to say, it was an interesting night!

Scott from St Catharines - June 15th ... Today, around 6 am, strutting down our residential street with what appeared to be a rabbit in its mouth. He was a younger or smaller thin Coyote, long bushy tail, not a Red Fox, approximately 50 lbs

A reader from Burlington told us ... At Burloak and New Street, Burlington, Ontario, June 8, 2015. At about 9:30 this evening I was at a stop light on Burloak Drive when I spotted something pass behind my car. I looked in the mirror and saw what I at first thought was a Fox but realized it was a blonde Coyote walking up the sidewalk. It's front left leg seemed to be injured. It crossed New Street and disappeared into the neighbourhood. I was surprised to see a Coyote so close to the lake and in such a suburban area. It was the first one I've ever seen, not in captivity.

In June 2015 Beverly, from Gravenhurst told us ... At night, around 11 pm, I was outside, and when went towards our cottage front door, a Coyote came around the corner of the house. S he/He was as startled as I was and made threatening movements. My partner opened the front door and that scared the Coyote and it ran off. We are now concerned that there are probably babies nearby.

Mark from South London ... We live beside Mitches Park & across the street from Hyland Golf course. We have had many sightings in our area. We lost our cat last August to the Coyotes, our cat the hunter was hunted. Our cat loved to be outdoors and always stayed close to home, so it was very strange that he did not come home that night. During the time we lost him there were about 5 other cats in our neighbourhood that also went missing. A neighbour had his small dog in the backyard and when it was time to come in, he was not there. Never thought about it before that we would have problems with them attacking cats and dogs. A Neighbour had a pair of coyotes attack his lab while he was walking him. We have had a number of droppings on our property that are not our dogs, so we know they are near, but we have not seen them. We do hear them at night yipping ... kind of an eerie sound. Today on the news they have alerted people to a problem that we have known about for a while.

Matthew Mayer, from Milton, Ontario said ... This morning (01/June/15) on my way to work, I saw a beautiful, black Coyote waiting to cross the road along Highway 25 in Milton, Ontario. I've never seen a black Coyote, but I'm 100% sure it wasn't a dog and it was too small to be a Wolf.

A reader wrote to tell us about their sighting ... Coyote Or Wolf Sighting, Warden and 19th Ave, Markham Ontario. At approximately 19:00 hrs at the intersection of Warden and 19th Ave, on the north west corner in the field it looked like a big grey dog was slowly walking. I pulled over, staying in the vehicle to get a better look and tried to snap a picture. No success. At first I thought it was a big grey dog, but know it looked like a big grey Wolf or Coyote. Before I could take a picture it wandered into the brush at the edge of the field. The animal was approximately 50 yards away from my vehicle.

Colleen Smith from London wrote to say ... in May, most nights, at the back of the apartment building, 2 and sometimes 3 Coyotes are looking for food. There is a wooded area and ravine behind the building, I guess a nice spot for them. They don't look like they are suffering. They are not thin. The building manager has posted signs of warning. This building is 80 Highview Ave, East London, around Wharncliffe Road and Commissioners Road. They do look kind scary.

David from Toronto told us ... Our Yorkie was in our fenced backyard on Thursday March 19, 2015 at 10:30 pm. 5 minutes later, our Yorkie vanished. My wife and son ran to the back gate and stepped out onto the golf course to see a Coyote looking back at them. The Coyote then turned and walked away, but no sign of our little dog. We suspect there was more than one and they took our dog to the den to feed the pups. Our neighbour said she regularly walks the course with her German Shepherd and sees Coyotes. We had no idea having just moved to the area. The loss of our Yorkie has been devastating.

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These are on my property.

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