Coyote sighting near Darlington Provincial Park

by Unknown

One of our readers tells about his Coyote sighting near Darlington Provincial Park - My friend and I took my son out on our newly purchased ebikes and we stopped on the side of the road so my son could pick a flower for his Mom, when a Coyote walked out of the forest near Harmony Creek about 30 feet away from us.

It walked across the road and stopped on the other side of the street. It stared at us for a good 20 seconds then continued to walk into the forest. Needless to say we got out of there pretty quick once he was out of our sight.

This is about the fifth time I've seen Coyotes and Deer in this area and once, what I believe was a small bear, however if you phone and ask Darlington they will tell you they have none.

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