Coyote sighting in North Oakville, West Oak Trail School

September 4, 2011 - noon, cloudy day

My dog and I were walking in behind West Oak Trails Public School. My iPod playing through my earphones, both of us in a state of calm and walking without any worries.

I looked over at my dog who was happily off her leash and I see that she is approximately 20 feet from a Coyote that is 3 times her size.

The Coyote was just beginning to lower it's head, which, to me, means it is warning us not to come one step closer. My dog is half blind and I don't believe she knew what she was walking toward; maybe another dog? She did not seem frightened at all.

I whipped out my earphones, called out to my very obedient dog, who responded immediately and was by my side quickly. We were cornered in the back of the school field with no way out other than walking past it to get to the front of the school and out safely.

As we walked passed the Coyote, I repeatedly yelled out to it, "GO!" The Coyote did not respond, but watched us pass very carefully. I did not want to stare at it as I believe this to interpret as a confrontation, as I continually yelled out to it to "GO!", I looked back and forth at it to keep an eye on its location and whether it moved. I looked to see if I could find a rock, but no success in a school field.

Once we were past the parallel point of each other, the Coyote turned away from us and slowly walked away, all the while constantly looking back at us to see where we were.

We got out safely, no harm done other than a good fright.

As we made out way home, I told everyone I passed to keep an eye open for it, as was not at all frightened. It was clear to me that it had been out in this neighbourhood before, around people and other animals.

I know they tend to come out at dusk and at night; but in the middle of the day and in an open field! That was certainly a surprise to me.

Sil & Oreo

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Coyote at Taylor and Fairview, Burlington
by: Anonymous

I have notified everyone I could, the city, the shelters and wildlife Canada. No one will do anything!!

I am a nice lady who simply wants to walk her dog 4 or 5 times a day, and I get no support from the city - I pay taxes too!

What was the advice they gave me? Call 911, carry a stick, but basically live in fear.

Any ideas?

Well, in the situation you're in, would it be possible to walk with someone else when you walk your dogs?

Or maybe take them to a "Doggy Park" where they can run and play, and you won't have to worry about Coyotes, as they wouldn't be around so many people.

You're best to stay away from isolated places that are close to bush or forest areas.

Other than that, I'm not sure what you can do.

Coyote Sighting
by: Anonymous

September 18th 2011, 10:15 am - Coyote spotted coming from Glen Oaks Creek Trail (between Nottinghill and Monks Passage) crossed Monks Passage and went into the trail east of Monks Passage.

BIG Coyote, appeared to be well fed!

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