Coyote Sighting in North Brampton

by Ray Spiteri
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

I live in north Brampton. My son and I were on our way home from the Hershey Center approximately 2 weeks ago. We were heading west on Sandalwood Parkway then turned right on Richvale Drive.

We proceeded to turn right on Monte Vista Drive. The time was approximately 5:45pm when I put my indicator on to turn left on to McFadden Drive.

All of a sudden a Coyote darted across our vehicle on Monte Vista Dr and dashed off through the pathway into the park. Both me and my 10 year old son saw it. I must say it was quite spectacular.

This is not the first time I've seen a Coyote.

I've seen them a couple of times over the past few years on Bovaird Drive in Brampton as well.

Thanks Ray, for sending us your report of your Coyote sighting!

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by: Daniel

I often like to go to the trails by Bovaird and Kennedy with a couple friends at night.

It is a beautiful hike and the warning signs of Coyotes or their howling sometimes as we enter the wooded lot, has never scared us.

We go as a group and carry sticks, just wondering if they pose a potential threat to two people?

Not going to lie, ever since I found out there are coyotes there I go hoping to bump into one.

Love wildlife.

by: Ray

I guess my son and I were both lucky!

We were in a car. Not sure if I would have liked encountering this animal while hiking

lucky lucky lucky
by: n0va59

Wow lucky you....I hike a lot albeit not as much as I'd like and I'm still waiting for my first coyote sighting (I know it will happen one day)

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