Coyote reports in Doon area of Kitchener

by JJ
(Kitchener area, Ontario)

For several weeks, I have been hearing odd barking in the middle of the night. A couple of days ago, signs went up at local stores warning of a large Coyote population this year.

My condo backs onto a green-space and river, with Deer Ridge golf course nearby, so it is probably prime real estate for a pack of these critters!

Most likely that is what you are hearing - they certainly can be very vocal, especially at night!

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Letting your cats roam the neighbourhood
by: Grant

No, it is not your right to let your house cats roam the neighbourhood wild. Urban cats are a menace to local songbird populations. Coyotes were here first. Respect them. Keep your cats safely indoors.

Coyote spotted Doon Mills Drive
by: Anonymous

Was walking my dog and spotted 2 huge coyotes at 6:00 am August 1st 2022, it happened on Doon Mills Drive by Pine Valley Road.

Coyotes by Chicopee
by: Anonymous

There are tons of Coyotes around Chicopee as well. I ran into one on the trail, and he was not threatening at all. He wanted nothing to do with me, and headed the other way. This is their home as well. Keep your dogs on leashes (which they should be anyway), and cats indoors, and everything will be fine. Coyotes are not looking for trouble.

coyotes in Doon
by: Anonymous

I lost two of my cats in 2008; one in June, the other in July. My cats would be in and out, but always back in the house around 8 pm at night.

I did the typical posters, searches, spoke with the Humane Society and was told that many cats have been missing the the Doon area of Kitchener.

I live across from Doon, on the other side of Schneider's Creek. I have 3 cats now and always have them indoors early each evening now.

I do hear the coyotes around 2 to 3 am.

My missing cat
by: Anonymous

I moved into the Doon South area less than a year ago and my cat got out by accident on the night of Nov 2 and he's not been seen since.

Until NOW, I had NO idea Coyotes were such a problem in this area.

It pains me to read that when people in my neighbourhood see a missing cat sign, they know that the coyotes are responsible, though that is what it is looking like.
I am truly devastated. I am glad to hear Danielle's dog is OK now, though.

I cry every night.... I just had no idea.

As for the person who commented that we need to accept this and that it's not such a big deal to lose cats....YOU are the one that needs to get a grip. Pets are an important part of people's lives.

I do NOT blame coyotes, and I DO understand we encroach on their territory, but it is still OK to feel a sense of loss and PARTICULARLY concern considering children live in these areas, too.

Nature is nature, I get it... but perhaps a little sensitivity is in order for you.

I now know how careful I have to be in this area and am just really sad I have had to learn the hard way.

I miss my cat.

Coyote at Dinner
by: Danielle

So my dog Stella survived the viscious coyote attack in February! We still live in Doon South and see many coyotes frequent our property on a regular basis. For the past 2 weeks, we have seen them in our backyard every morning. Last night we were eating dinner on our patio around 8pm (steps away from our back door) and I looked up and saw a coyote standing RIGHT behind my husband (approx. 2 meters away). When my husband stood up and yelled at it, the coyote ran away but I have to say it was a scary incident. I am definitely in fear of what a coyote may do whenever i go outside as they seem to be coming closer to homes and humans every week.
It is a shame that the Ministry, Animal Control, Police etc cannot help us control the coyote problems in our area, especially since they occur on a very consistent basis (not a one time occurance).
I really do hope this doesn't go too far.

Deal with it
by: Anonymous

You people want to move to new subdivisions, which are built in what used to be the wild life's home, deal with the consequences.

Some of you are over reacting. Deer are taken down by coyote, because the deer is not healthy. They do not kill healthy deer. They do not attack people.

They will eat cats, and squirrels which in my book is not all that bad.

I live in the country, and living with coyote, fox, and wolves in the norm, and no big deal.

Coyotes are territorial, and if they are removed, more will move in.

Coyotes are killing cats, dogs and deer
by: llc

I live in Doon South, I have lost 2 cats since I have lived here.

Coyotes are responsible for the new missing cat posters that are put up each week in our neighbourhood.

They are all over, I've talked to countless people in this neighbourhood. Pack of 4 off Tilt Drive, 2 coyotes killed a deer and ate it behind Woodsmere Drive and another deer kill behind Knox Court.

Some people in our neighbourhood just aren't aware.

I no longer let my cats out even though I feel bad as they should be able to. When I walk my dog at night they are literally in the field eating things and howling.

I have pictures of them eating the deer behind Woodsmere Drive which is right in the middle of the Doon South neighbourhood (just before the round-a-bout at Doon South and Doon Mills Drive. Tell all your neighbours to watch their dogs and cats, and of course kids.

I took the pictures to J.W. Gerth Public school to warn them as the coyotes took down and ate the deer at around 6:30pm.

I don't like it, they killed my 2 cats but unfortunately this happens as we build our homes in their home.

They are a concern
by: Anonymous

We saw a large Coyote run down our street, and in and out of backyards at 2 o'clock in the afternoon last summer.

We called Animal Control and they did not sound the least bit concerned.

We live in Wyldwoods (Doon).

Stella my Miracle Dog
by: Danielle Jaworski

My dog, Stella, was attacked by a Coyote on our front porch yesterday morning at 7 am in daylight.

It took less than a minute and it was less than 4 ft from my husband. She is still in emergency fighting for her life.

We live in Doon South.

I would like all readers to be extremely cautious about themselves, their children and pets.

These Coyotes need to be removed from this area before they cause any further damage.

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