Coyote or Wolf?

by A Reader from Guelph, Ontario

I had a rattling experience this week in the The Ignatius Jesuit forest that runs up to Victoria Road. I was walking at 7:30 a.m. and came around a bend to see a Wolf (everyone is telling me it must have been a Coyote, but I've seen Coyotes, and this was much bigger) standing in the middle of the trail.

It had to have seen and heard me and my dog, but it just stood there.

My dog saw it on the trail, gave a growl and started to run towards it. She is a 90 lb. Labradoodle. I called her back and she did, which is surprising. I think that she sensed danger to proceed. I yelled, and clapped my hands and took a couple of steps forward to scare it off, but it still stood it's ground.

It was not in the least intimidated. At this point it's standing between me and the way out of the forest, and I don't want to go deeper into the forest knowing that this thing is here.

It was a stand off for a matter of probably less than a minute before it finally turned and loped into the trees. Not running scared I want to point out.

Talking to others in the neigbourhood, someone else told me that on their way to work driving on Victoria Road at approximately 8 a.m. a Wolf (they also say a Wolf, not a Coyote) leaped across the road and was almost struck by a car.

Another walker noted that approximately a month previously, he had been walking in the same forest on the trail and noted two Wolves (not Coyotes) tracking him parallel through the woods.

I have to say I no longer feel safe walking and feel it's just a matter of time before something happens to someone.

There is also a caution sign posted on the other side of the woods toward Guelph Lake, of several sightings in groups of more than one... which is scary.

They obviously have no fear of humans at this point.

I hope you don't mind, but I thought your report deserved a page of its own, rather than just being a comment on another posting.

Thank you so much for sending this to us, and please keep us posted on any new developments!

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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