Coyote Near R&T Park

by Sawyer
(Kitchener / Waterloo area, Ontario)

About a month ago I woke up to head to UW (University of Waterloo) early in the morning and I go outside and there's this dog on my front lawn just staring at me.

So I call it, like the smart person I am, and it's just standing there. I slowly approached it, but it ran off into the wheat-field behind my current house.

Well the next day my landlord tells me the neighbors have spotted a Wolf (which I believe was in fact a Coyote) in the neighborhood and then I was like "HOLY ____" I was 10 feet away from that thing, and I though it was just a lost dog!

A couple of days later a combine went through the fields to harvest all of the wheat and that's when we spotted it again. It must have been living in the wheat field until the combine came by and took it all away. After that, I assumed it had just went to live somewhere else and I'd never see it again.

Well fast forward about a month, bringing us to last night. At 5 in the morning I was awoken by a strange howling sound outside my window. I look outside and there was the Coyote, standing in the field where it once lived, howling by its lonesome self.

I felt kind of sad for it. It's distinct howl sound is how I determined it was in fact a Coyote and not a Wolf.

After that it just trotted along into the abyss.

Hopefully I'll get to see it again soon.

Well that's my story.

Thank you so much for your submission to our website, I chuckled when I read this, and I know our readers will also find it interesting!

Thanks again!

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To Sawyer, Kitchener Waterloo
by: cindy morton

WOW, I felt the same way the first time I seen a Coyote!

It looked like a massive Husky dog. I will be moving to Cambridge, Ontario, soon and I am wondering what is the wildlife situation there.

I would appreciate anyone who knows to respond just to give me an idea.


Coyote Sightings
by: Darlene

You've gotta admit, seeing Coyotes, Deer, whatever is pretty cool and leaves a nice feeling in us. I hope your Coyote is safe.

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