Coyote in South Windsor

by Lisa
( South Windsor, Ontario)

Here is Lisa's report of her close encounter with a Coyote in Windsor, Ontario - For Earth Day today, we (mom and two kids) were picking up trash at the park. As we headed back, we saw a Coyote frantically wandering the neighborhood and heading towards some backyards.

At first I thought it might have been a big dog, but as it came out one of ones' backyards .... I knew for sure it wasn't a dog.

I gathered up the kids at the park to get on top of the playground equipment. I figured he would be coming our way. He did so, avoiding us and heading for the woods.

I couldn't believe how fast he was running. He seemed more scared than we were. I couldn't believe he was in my neighborhood. I figured we'd be ok since he was headed for the woods .... and we were headed in the OPPOSITE direction.

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Coyotes along Erie Shore
by: Sammy

Sightings are common along lake Erie shores, I have seen a few while early morning hikes and have heard howls.

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