Coyote in Port Credit ravine

by Susan
(Port Credit, Ontario)

Susan, one of our readers from Port Credit, Ontario, wrote - We have spotted the same Coyote three times in the last week in the ravine behind our fenced back yard.

It has a slight limp and apparently a number of neighbours have been aware of this Coyote for some time.

We have two medium sized dogs (35 lbs each) and this afternoon, the Coyote was sitting just feet away from the fence line.

It then started to walk towards our dogs who were barking at the fence.

I ran out worried that it might jump the four foot chain link fence and as soon as it saw me it took off.

Does anyone know it it could jump a fence?

Hi Susan - I'm no Coyote expert, but I do think that he would be able to jump your fence, and they Coyotes are hungry at this time of year, so I would keep an eye on your pets when you know this character is in the area.

Also, if he is injured, he will be on the look-out for easy prey, and may be bolder than normal.

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