Coyote In My Backyard

by Rob
(Blair Ontario)

January 2013 - I was adding ice to my backyard hockey rink when I thought I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

Sure enough I looked up and noticed what looked like a dog, however it had that very distinctive longer body. It was a Coyote walking through my backyard.

We live off some farm land in Blair, Ontario, and are also surrounded by untouched green spaces.

We have seen Deer in the backyard on a few occasions as well.

Although I have heard the Coyote's howling and screeching during summer nights beyond the bush, I have never seen one.

This was a single Coyote that strolled through my back yard. He paused for about 5 seconds when he noticed me, then continued to stroll on through.

Maybe it's time for that fence!

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