Coyote in Markham

by Anna
(Markham, Ontario, Canada)

Just a few minutes ago I was driving down Middle Field Road, and on the sidewalk right next to the golf field, was a Coyote.

At first I thought I was imagining things because I had no idea that Coyotes could live in such an urbanized area, but there it was, walking on the sidewalk.

There was only my car on the road, so when I saw it I drove slowly and it stopped and stared right at my car and walked away slowly into the knee-high grass in the golf field.

It was actually a really beautiful thing, but I was a bit scared since I have a cat that likes to run around, and I'm a little scared it might have a bad encounter with the Coyote.

It had grayish fur, it was pretty big, probably almost full sized ..... and that is my Coyote story!

Thank you Anna, for your report of your sighting - maybe you should keep your kitty inside for a while, until there is more food around for the Coyotes.

In the winter time they are very hungry and venture close to houses looking for food, and I have heard of people losing cats and small dogs.

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