Coyote in Markham, Ontario

by Debra Jackson
(Markham, Ontario, Canada)

Debra, one of our readers from Markham, Ontario, sent us this report of her sighting of a Coyote - I saw a Coyote in Markham, Ontario, this morning (May 13/10) at 7:45 am. I work just behind the Buttonville Airport, near Woodbine Avenue. It was very large; stood at least as high as a yellow lab.

There was a man cutting grass on a riding lawnmower, and the Coyote didn't even care. It stood and looked around; ran around like it was playing. I was in my parked car watching it. It stood about 10 yards from my car, looking around and yawning. Then it trotted off through the parking lot towards the next set of buildings up the street. I don't think it knew I was in my car.

After it was gone, I moved my car closer to the door, and when I got out of the car I could still see it standing across the parking lot, then it moved down into the abandoned Golf Course.

I own an 8-pound Jack Russell who loves to hunt. If that coyote catches her while she's hunting, she'll be dead and dinner!

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Saw Coyote this morning
by: Anonymous

This large Coyote ran right in front of my car at 8am this morning, while I was driving on Church St, I almost hit it.

Right in front of MDHS. It ran right past some kids walking to school.

Scarey that this thing would be running around at a very busy time of day.

I called the town but they told me they would do nothing. They told me not to leave small dogs or babies unattended.

I guess something will be done when something horrible happens.

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