Coyote hunter from Wheatley

by Jack
(Wheatley, Ontario, Canada)

The past three years, we have taken over 60 Coyotes each year. We hunt them as long as there is snow on the ground.

We have had as many as five of them on the run at the same time and in the same block, Concession to Concession.

We hunt the same areas every time we go out, usually 5 - 7 kilometres by 4 - 5 kilometres.

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Coyote Invasion
by: Anonymous

I had my small dog taken from my trailer out at Mitchells bay not 25 feet from us. I live on the Southside of Chatham near Indian Creek Road. We hear them all the time. Once you hear a Coyote you never forget the sound. There are probably more of them then you would think. There are probably 1 to 2 thousand of them killed in Kent County alone a year. Think about it. This is a problem.

Our great outdoors
by: coyote hunterAnonymous

People, please listen to me. I have been involved in the outdoors all my life. I see and know what is happening in our great outdoors.

We are encroaching on wildlife habitat.

Consequently, wildlife is being crowded for living space and food. If these animals are not controlled there will be more human, pet and animal encounters.

We hunt fox and coyote in my area (Essex and Chatham-Kent). The past four years has resulted in about 275 coyotes and 10 fox being shot.

We always hunt the same area all year when there is snow on the ground.

I know this ruffles a few feathers, but if you don't know what is actually going on in the outdoor world, please don't make a comment to this posting.

Why hunt?
by: Anonymous

Why kill these beautiful creatures? It is not them interfering with us, it is humans interfering with their homes by constantly building and taking over forest.

One day there won't be any left to see in the wild just in zoos and that will be a very sad day for all.

email response
by: coyote hunter

Can't find "contact me" page.Would like to see if the person who wants the skull or body of one of these animals lives relatively close to this area.

Here is the link to our Contact Us Page it is also at the bottom of our navigation bar, that is the blue row of buttons on the left of the website.

Just fill in the form, put Coyote Hunter, and your email address, and I will forward it to the man who wants a skull.

by: Anonymous

I'm wondering what you do with the bodies and skulls. I would be interested in the animals once killed. If possible, just the skull.

Please e-mail me at: **********

Thank you

EDIT: To the Coyote Hunter - please contact me using the "Contact Us" form and I will forward this person's email address to you

Problem Animals
by: sstjfbg

Too many around.

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