Coyote Highway

by Marie Coutu
(Baldwin, Ontario (South Of Sutton))

Who needs a TV when the action happens outside my office window each day ..... I see 3 - 4 Coyotes each day!

There is a Pigeon farm next door to my horse farm and I am privileged to watch these beautiful animals throughout the day heading for Brunch next door to me at the Mandarin for Coyotes!

Sometimes they make an unexpected hasty retreat when my Quarter horse, Arazona, chases them out of his field, but sometimes they will attempt to sneak up on him ..... it appears they are attempting to play tag - to which he happily obliges, by chasing them right out of his field!

He learnt this with my German Shepherd, Radar, - a game those two have played since Arazona was born.

When he gets close he attempts to stomp on them - but they are too quick!

They are often close to my barn, which I am not happy with, but when they see me (I have been as close as 15 ft) they take off - however I warned everyone here to keep a watchful eye.

My German Shepherd, Radar, goes nuts at nights from inside, as he must hear them and last weekend while he was outside he was nose-to-nose to a very mangy one who was cowering - Radar is extremely aggressive - I called him and he immediately came back to the house and the Coyote took off with another of my horses Chevy, hot on his heels to get him out of her field!

Thank you so much Marie, for your submission and photo - your story is lovely and I enjoyed reading it very much, and I'm sure our readers will too!

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by: Anonymous

This is one of the great examples of German Shepherds doing their job! I like how Arazona is your horse on guard too. Great pic!

Thanks, Marie!
by: Tammy

Beautiful picture! Thanks for the story, Marie!


by: Hilton Chretien


That is the largest Coyote that I have ever seen.

Looks like a Wolf, but looking at the snout it's a Coyote.

Be careful because they are more bold in the Winter I hear:-)

Take care:-)


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