Coyote encounters in Ajax

by Karen
(Ajax, Ontario)

I live in South Ajax very near the greenbelt which runs from Ajax Hospital to Southwood Park school across Clements Rd.

At 12:15 am January 12, 2012 an unusually mild January night so window is open, I am lying in bed when all of a sudden I hear some distant howling followed by lots of yipping and barking.

It sounded like more than 2 or 3 Coyotes. It got louder and closer as if a pack of them was running through the greenbelt.

I am reading that they are probably Coywolves, a Wolf / Coyote hybrid.

It was very eerie but also amazing to hear! So much so that it's 1:20 am and I am still on the internet reading about them.

I have heard this twice in the greenbelt during late evening / early morning in last 6 months.

Another time my 13 year old son and friend were on our street (Hills Rd) last spring about 9pm when two Coyotes trotted along Hills Rd and approached my son bent over drawing with chalk on the sidewalk.(He's an artist and likes to trace shadows at night with chalk)

One coyote approached my son to investigate while the other went around him. His friend warned my son who just stayed still while the pair left them alone and continued along Gamon to Clements Rd. The coyotes just seemed curious.

I have now told my son what to do in another encounter and to carry a whistle and be aware after dark.

Also, last June I was getting on the 401 at 11:30 am (yes daytime)when a Coyote ran out in front of my
truck while I was accelerating on the on-ramp at Salem to westbound 401.

It ran south across the on-ramp in front of me as I was doing about 60 - 70km. Out of the corner of my eye I saw it last minute and I hit the brakes but I still bumped it.

It didn't seem to break stride and it continued across 8 lanes of Hwy 401 traffic jumping the concrete median to the south side.

I pulled over as it really shook me up. Luckily there was no one driving behind me to cause an accident.

I was worried about the Coyote and hoped it had made it across the highway without being hit again and I hoped I hadn't hurt it badly. There was a muddy smear on my bumper and some hairs and I thought about it all day.

I am also a photographer and now carry a whistle when I'm out as I usually go alone. I don't think we need to be afraid, just aware and smart.

We have two indoor cats who have never been out and people should not let their animals run loose.

I hope I get to photograph a Coyote when I am out with my camera one day. We better get used to them and learn to live with them.

I think it's fascinating that there is so much wildlife so close to home! Take the opportunity and teach your children about Coyotes and all the amazing wildlife that surrounds us.

Thank you for sending us such an information-packed and well written article, I am happy to add this to our website!

Thank you!

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