Coyote befriending a cockatiel in Milton

by Rajesh
(Milton, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Milton, Ontario and just recently moved there.

I sighted a Coyote yesterday at the back of my home as my home backs on to a small forest area.

I saw the animal at around 5 a.m. through my washroom window, as it was slowly coming towards a patch of land close to our home which was free of trees and was trying to listen to some noise.

The noise was coming from my house as we have a small cockatiel which was making the noise.

Then the Coyote listened to the bird chirping for around 30 seconds and then left slowly running towards the forest and disappeared.

My wife and daughter have also listened to the howling sound in the night many a times and they thought that there was a Wolf in the forest.

This place is close to Derry Road and James Snow Parkway in Milton.

Thank you for writing to tell us about your Coyote sighting - I think your cockatiel is lucky to have been inside your house!

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by: Tammy

Interesting story, Rajesh! I find it truly amazing to witness unusual things like that with wildlife.

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