Country Mom

We're in Sherkston, Ontario, about a kilometre from Lake Erie, and adjacent to the Friendship Trail.

The Coyotes are a regular sound out here - there are lots of them.

It's rare to see them during the day, but we do see them in the distance crossing open farmer's fields.

Most nights however, they sound like they are right in our back yard, yipping and howling. One starts, and they all join in the chorus. It lasts a few minutes, starts all the dogs in the neighbourhood barking, and instantly it will stop.

They will howl any time after dark, any time during the night even in the early morning hours.

We have a lot of acreage, and over the years they move, in a very large circle around ours and all the neighbours properties.

Twice last winter, our dog came face to face with one ..... I ran out with sock feet into the snow to yank our border collie back, letting out a growl of my own !!

It ran into the bushes.....

The howling never ceases to cause my hair to stand on end !

MY hair stood on end too, when I read about you running out to grab your dog! A great story - thank you for sending this to us!

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