Couldn't believe my eyes!

by Katie, Kim & John
(All across Southern Ontario)

During the weeks around Christmas, we received several reports of Bald Eagle sightings, some of which I have combined and am posting here

Katie from Kitchener says ..... Today when I was driving, something big caught my eye, it was so big I did a double take and couldn't believe my eyes when this big bird with the most beautiful white head and yellow beak was flying so low by the Grand River in Kitchener. I have never seen this wonderful bird in my life and I feel pretty lucky to have witness this bird in action.

Kim, from Hamilton has a Second sighting in the Burlington / Hamilton area ..... Kim says, on the 403 I've spotted this majestic bird soaring over the highway. Breath-taking!

John Van Brakel from Clifford, Ontario, tells us about his sighting on Christmas Day in Milverton ..... We saw a Bald Eagle standing in a farmers field just east of Milverton on December 25th just after 11:00 a.m.

A Reader from Cambridge, Ontario told us about his December 21 2012 Sighting - We were driving along Highway 401 in Cambridge when we spotted a Bald Eagle gliding over the Grand River. It was quite a bit larger than others we have seen in Ontario.

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