by Janine
(Bolton, Ontario, Canada)

Location of Bolton, Ontario

Location of Bolton, Ontario


Walking along Glasgow Road, beside the Humber River, in Bolton, I rounded a bend in the road and a cougar ran up the embankment from the river and across the road right in front of me and up the ravine into the woods.

Because of the time of year, I could see him in the woods and at first thought he was on the trail of a deer and then realized it was a second cougar and they were almost frolicking.

I stopped and took a step back to watch and he sat and looked right at me. I felt like our eyes met; I got scared, it is a bit remote and I was alone, wanted a picture but thought best to walk away, although I was looking over my shoulder.

It was very exciting, I have no doubt of what I saw - the long thick tail and size, plus the way he moved left me with no doubt of what I saw, very large cat, long thick tail and when he sat and looked at me, he sat like a cat - had to be over 150 lb. Very large, blond animal.

The area is thick with deer and greenbelts and river snaking through so seems logical to me.

I called the Ministry and the woman I talked to seemed to think it was unlikely. I went back a couple of times hoping to find tracks or scat but didn't venture far as the ground was covered in leaves.

This was around noon Saturday November 18, just outside Bolton, Ontario.

Thank you for sending us your report - I have added a map showing the location of Bolton.

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