Cougar in Wheatley

by L Hillman
(Wheatley, Ontario, Canada)

My husband was looking out our back sliding doors one morning in Wheatley, Ontario, and said to me "I think I've just seen a panther".

I thought he was pulling my leg, then noticed he was serious. I thought he was losing it!

Then about 30 minutes later, I looked out myself, and saw the animal he was talking about in the grassy field behind our house.

It was MUCH much larger than any regular house cat, with pointed ears, shiny black coat and very muscular shoulders.

This was a few months ago and since then, we can hear "large cat-like" sounds coming from the bushes quickly followed by other animals shrieks, like turkeys. Maybe feeding?

It creeps me out having seen what we saw that day out back, and hearing what we've heard lately.

I hope you don't mind, but this was so interesting that I moved it from the "Comments" section where it might only be seen by a few, to here, where it has a page to itself!

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When was this?
by: Kaitp1990

I'd love to know how recent this was.

The original poster wrote to us on Saturday July 28 2012.

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