Cougar Before Sunrise

by Kadery
(Colchester, Essex, Ontario)

Colchester South Township, East Harrow, Essex, Ontario.

I was on a bike ride early one July morning, I came across what appeared to be a short, stubby deer dart across the dark road.

Noticing my bike quickly approaching, the animal continued running - over the north roadside ditch and followed the edge of a soybean field.

Curiously I gave chase, noticing the wide legs and agile leap, I concluded that this was a large cat with the tail to match.

It was already running and leaped between some trees through to a neighbours back yard; i lost my visual. I was relieved to make it back to the roadway safely. The time was thirty minutes before sunrise.

Thanks, Kadery, for this report of your animal sighting!

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Cougar in Wheatley
by: LHillman

My husband was looking out our back sliding doors one morning in Wheatley, ON and said to me "I think I just saw a panther". I thought he was pulling my leg, then noticed he was serious. I thought he was losing it! Then about 30 minutes later, I looked out myself, and saw the animal he was talking about in the grassy field behind our house. It was MUCH much larger than any regular house cat, with pointed ears, shiny black coat and very muscular shoulders. This was a few months ago and since then, we can hear "large cat-like" sounds coming from the bushes, quickly followed by other animal's shrieks like turkeys. Maybe feeding? It creeps me out having seen what we saw that day out back, and hearing what we've heard lately.

Cougar Sighting
by: Ricki-Lee

I thought I was losing it, but turns out I may have seen a Cougar! Driving down the Arner Townline, between Harrow and Kingsville, Ontario, this morning, 5:40 am, something bolted across the road in full view of me. At first I thought it was a deer but it seemed to be more like a large cat! I was thinking people might think I am crazy for thinking I've spotted a Cougar, but now I don't feel so crazy! I am sure it was just that! Crazy!

Large Cat
by: A Demarse

I was in Lasalle, Ontario doing some land surveying when my partner and I saw a large animal in the distant tall grass which also spotted us. It had black lining around its eyes, then a layer of white outside that, and was mostly brown in color. Its ears were pointed. Initially I thought it was a deer, but when it turned around to flee, the back of its long fluffy tail was white. It was also extremely fast and as it ran it sort of leaped. I am very curious what kind of cat this may have been, Cougar or Lynx or otherwise.

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