Cornwall Bald Eagle

by Peter
(Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)

Two summers ago I saw a beautiful Bald Eagle flying overhead on a clear sunny day, as it soared over me as I was fishing on Charleston Lake, just north-west of Brockville, Ontario.

It was a beautiful sight with the clear blue sky as a background.

Today, January 24, 2012, a cloudy day, as I left a commercial building, in the eastern section of Cornwall, Ontario, I saw a large bird soaring above, and recognized by the white head and tail, that it was a Bald Eagle.

Unfortunately, on both occasions, I did not have a camera handy.

UPDATE FROM PETER: Another Bald Eagle Sighting!

On January 24, 5 days ago, I posted a note about a Bald Eagle sighting in Cornwall, Ontario, and told my grand-daughter about the sighting.

Today, while going to Mount Pakenham to ski, as we were passing through the village of Pakenham, another Bald Eagle flew over our car.

Two Bald Eagles in 5 days. I hope it's a sign of a comeback!

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Bald Eagle - Pakenham
by: Eileen Kinley

I saw a Bald Eagle today just as I was coming into the village.

First time I've ever seen one live. I had seen Ospreys near the bridge there a couple of years ago.

Anyway, thanks for posting this - I was wondering if I was seeing things ! :)

Eagle numbers are soaring
by: n0va59

It's so nice to hear the growing number of Eagles that are being spotted in the past five years, numbers and sightings are on the rise.

This is one fight we seem to be winning, however the greatest threat to all birds of prey now is LEAD, so lets all raise awareness of the danger of lead bullets and we can ALL see our Eagles soaring overhead.

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