Collingwood Coyote Concerns

by Jeff, Stephanie
(Collingwood, Ontario, Canada)



One of our readers wrote about Coyotes on town property ... We live on Rodney street in Collingwood. We have a small dog who loves the outdoors but can't enjoy them. There are coyote dens on Collingwood property directly behind our backyard. There are also dens on Collingwood owned property behind Sobeys and further down Pretty River Parkway. We have seen numerous coyotes within one year of living here. At certain times of the year we see them every other night and the majority of these sightings have been submitted on the town website. We also hear them killing animals between 7:00 pm and 4:00 am as well as having knowledge of neighbours pets being taken. So sad! They are seen during the day as well as at night. We have written letters to the town and they cant do anything! We are ready to move due to the threat of coyotes and wolves in Collingwood. We don't think it's right that we and our pet have to live in fear and that our animals are in such danger at all times. Many domestic animals, peoples pets have been taken by coyotes in our area. This is a serious matter and the town of Collingwood needs to become proactive and needs to treat this as a serious matter because it is! How do I defend myself against a pack of coyotes going after my small pet while walking through downtown streets? In Ottawa they control coyote issues by removing them when they start moving into residential areas. This is for the safety of people, pets ... Collingwood! Wake up and smarten up!!

Jeff Brown has Coyote concerns ... There is a lot of misinformation from government agencies such as MNRF with a mandate to protect wildlife in the wild, misinformed animal activist and deceptive coyote coexistence advocates of coyotes living in urban centers while killing pets and attaching people - failing to deal with an overpopulation issue of coyotes and creating public safety issues in our communities. We are asked to keep pets inside, cary hazing equipment on our walks and not to run around coyotes as they are more likely to attack - joggers have recently been attacked by coyotes.

This link gives some insight into the Urban Coyote Issues in urban areas around North America.

This link gives Perspectives to Counter the Arguments that are constantly communicated - undermining and hiding the problem.

Stephanie says that trapping is a last resort ... There is a very vocal group lostly residents from Toronto who live at Georgian Manor Collingwood. Formed a group called Coyote Concerns Collingwood. This small group of hysterical homeowners want to trap coyotes. Trapping is cruel people not pretty. Children have not been eaten. Yes small dogs and cats if left unattended may be dinner, but if you are a responsible pet owner, you're just fine. We live in an urban area and thank God we still have wildlife. Have lived in Collingwood since 1992 have never heard of people being eaten by the Wile E Coyote. lol

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Agree...let them be!
by: Anonymous

Agree...and coyotes do eat and help control some of the nasty things such as rats and other things that would quickly become a real menace. And when I lived in Aurora, I usually found that a pack may live in one location for perhaps a year or two but then move on.

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