Cobourg has COYOTES!

by Donna
(Cobourg, Ontario)

While sitting on my front porch in the downtown heritage district of Cobourg, Ontario, with my wee Shih Tzu tethered nearby, I was astounded to see a VERY scrawny looking Coyote cross my yard and approach us!

I screamed loudly (which I later learned was the correct thing to do), picked up my dog and ran into the house.

I viewed the Coyote leave my yard, cross the road, and walk south towards the park and waterfront beach!

Thanks for the heads-up about Coyotes in the Cobourg area!

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Yes Cobourg has Coyotes
by: Chuck

Yes I can see that they would be in your town of Cobourg.

My Daughter used to live to the west of your town. They seen coyotes often. At night when they sat out with their dog, they could hear them in the bushes not far from the house. Their dog, the size of a small horse but young, he would get upset and want to go in the house.

Question. I talked to people up north last weekend. They live there all year round and, have for many years. They have never seen or have had problems with coyotes.

Why us to the south and not those to parts of the north. Could it be there are more wolves to the north or, more easy to get to food here?


Hi Chuck, thanks for your comments - you may be right in your suggestion that there are Coyotes to the south, because there are Wolves to the north - I don't know for sure, but perhaps one of our readers will know ..... stay tuned!

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