Churchill Park

by Brian
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I just saw what I think to be 4 - 5 Coyotes at the Northern end of Churchill Park, next to Cootes Paradise.

It was rather dark, so impossible to be sure. They were rather light in colour, close to a white. It was about 10:30 in the evening and the Park was packed with deer.

I noted on your page that they do not travel in packs.

The 4-5 I saw seemed to be of the same size. Do they ever travel in packs? Or does this simply never occur?

Hi Brian, thank you for sending us this report of your Coyote sighting.

As a general rule, Wolves stay in packs, and Coyotes stay in smaller family groups, so perhaps what you saw is one pair with this year's pups.

Thanks again for sending this to us!

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